A Virtual Dedicated  Server Hosting is a virtual server that will only contain the information and files of your web site.  This virtual server is configurated using some virtualization software like VMWare, Virtual Box, Virtual PC, Virtuozo depending of the operating system that the physics server has installed. If you buy this type of Hosting, you can be sure that all the resource of this virtual server will be used only for your web site. The memory, the processor and the disk space of the hard drive will be dedicated for your site.

The Virtual Dedicated  Server Hosting   is more expensive that the virtual shared hosting, but if you need a guaranteed performance of your site, then you will need to buy this type of web business hosting.

virtual dedicated server HyperV

Virtual Dedicated Server VMWare

Virtual Dedicated Server Virtuozzo

Virtual Dedicated Server Virtualbox

The Virtual Dedicated  Server Hosting have your own Ip, port number, tables, filter rules, libraries and your own configuration files. If you want, you can ask for more ip numbers and other features to your hosting service provider. With the Virtual Dedicated  Server Hosting you have the opportunity to install the operating system of your election and the database and applications or your preference

If you have a web site in each Virtual Hosting Server, you can restart a server for maintenance of your web site for example, without restart or download the others web sites, this is one of the advantage of this type of WebHosting.

virtual deidcated hosting

With Virtual Dedicated Server Hosting you can configure a Windows Virtual Dedicated Server or a Linux Virtual Dedicated Server, thats will be defined based on clients requirement.