When you paid for a Shared Web Hosting, you are renting a space in a virtual server, but this space is shared with other web sites.  If your neighbor’s web sites have a high demand of the server resources then you will start to feel your website slow. It is because the other web sites are using the diskspace, the processor or the bandwidth that your site requires. For example, a web system with a lot of transaction or sites with live video streaming.

shared web hosting

If the web site is not an action part of your business (your web site is used only for marketing), maybe you can use shared web hosting as your web hosting.  By the other hand if your web site is essential for your business, maybe you need other type of hosting like a Private Virtual Hosting or Dedicated Web Hosting.

reseller hostingThe Shared Web Hosting is used frecuently by the resseller hosting for small size websites and email servers. If you are new in the hosting world, Shared Web Hosting would be your best hosting election. Its come with a CPanel software, an easy tool to manage your hosting service.