Dedicated Managed  Hosting is the powerfull type of Web Hosting. With this type of hosting you have a entire physics computer or physics server for your web site.  No others  web site  will be allocated in your server like the Dedicated Web Server.


With this type of Business Hosting, you can have your own server and you pay for the space  in a Data Hosting Center in wich you will  colocate your server. By the other hand you can rent the physical server, known as Dedicated Hosting Server. You are the administrator of the site and the administrator of the physical server.

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You will need to install the operating system, control panel , firewall, database. That’s why you would need to know about networks, about database, antivurus  etc.

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Maybe you want to have your oun Windows Server Hosting , a Proxy Server, SQL Server Hosting, Oracle Server Hosting or Dedicate Ip Hosting to install your web applications or to sale your resourses and services in order to be a provider and not only a simple hosting client

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If you don’t know to much about this technical topics, some companies give you additionals plans,  a little more expensive, but  with all the programs installed.