Web Hosting is the space that we reserve or bougth in a server to put the files of the web page that we want to show in the web.

Servers are powerful computers with higth performance that support many web site working at the same time. This computers have a lot of spaces of hard drivers and powerful CPU. Everyone who want to have a website need this space.

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Every server has a unique numerical IP address like a personal ID . This id is necessary to found the location of your web site. The web site need a name. This name is called Domain Name. The domain name is the alfabetical representation of the IP address of the server in wich is allocated your web hosting.

There are different types of web hosting. Each type of hosting depend of the business or commercial type and its requirements. Each web hosting come with certain capabilities for users. Examples are many business of web hosting that have forms, bulletin boards,forum etc. Business and goverment also have web hosting services that offer commercial packages with business and enterprise tools, like point of sales packages and credit card procesing, online sale , inventory and others.

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Prices for web hosting vary from free to thousand of dollars a year, depending of all the feature that the hosting have. Web hosting for personal websites that don't require any special tools like data base, like large amount of emails and ftp accounts or private ip addresses and have low traffic can be found free in the web.

Free Web hosting is convenient but has its drawbacks or undesirable features and is not recomended for commercial web hosting or coorporate web hosting. One of this undesirable feature is that will be required that you allow the free web server to run advertisements on your website. The advertisements are normally banner ads about different topics like product to lost wight, dates or even related to sex. Sometimes pop-up ads as well. If you want to remove this advertisements for your web site you will have to paid for that.

Another important consideration is that free services normally allocate your website address as an extension of the server's address. For example: www.freehost.com/yourwebsite. If you want a domain name like www.yourwebsite.com, you will have to buy the hosting and a domain name for your website.

The hosting service can be classified under different type like free web hosting service, shared web hosting service, reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated server hosting service and managed hosting service. Thera are others categories but it will be explain in future upgrades of this site. All this type of hosting can be bougth in hosting providers like hostgator or goddady.